The reviews are conducted by highly specialized and experienced professionals, and the firm advises clients in drafting and implementing compliance programs in agreement with the Brazilian law and in harmony with the principles and rules established in the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act. The services also include:

  • Drafting and updating Codes of Conduct as well as recommending and structuring communication channels (hotline, helpline) to report suspected violations of company norms and policies;
  • Due diligence for the evaluation of the background, reputation and standing of suppliers, in order to identify and evaluate risks or red flags;
  • Advice to implement procedures to investigate incidents and application of disciplinary and corrective measures;
  • Audit and review of contracts and agreements to confirm the implementation and enforcement of best practices, compliance requirements and anticorruption legislation;
  • Legal support to investigate procedures in cases of fraud, file lawsuits and assure asset recoveries.
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