Franco Advogados has wide experience in customized due diligence services provided by a multidisciplinary team and targeted at mergers & acquisitions, corporate planning and restructuring, tax planning, corporate governance and implementation of anti-corruption policies. Due Diligence tasks:

  • In the areas of corporate and contract law, due diligence services focus on all the acts performed by the company and its partners, members or shareholders in order to evaluate acquired rights and incurred obligations as well as their validity and enforceability from the formal and material standpoints;
  • In the tax law area, it is our goal to find contingencies by checking tax procedures and compliance with tax accounting routines as well as payments;
  • In the labor and social security areas, the due diligence procedure also looks for contingencies, through a review of labor rights, social security and human resources routines, including the validation of legal and administrative procedures related to the company.


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