Our firm pays close attention to the constant changes in regulations applicable to open and closed Private Pension funds and has instituted a department dedicated to this area in order to provide the following services:

  • Full advisory services in the area of Private Pension plans, both as consultants and in litigation. Our team comprises qualified lawyers who work with specialists from the other areas of the office;
  • Our work is targeted at private pension plans and legal entities which maintain contracts with those entities;
  • Legal advice in drafting bylaws and regulation of benefit plans;
  • Legal advice on the internal governance of complementary pension plans concerning their administrative bodies to prevent and mitigate legal conflicts and risks;
  • Legal advice on drafting contacts, add-ons, adhesion agreements, bylaws and documents for public and private bodies, commitment letter and other documents pertinent to Pension Funds;
  • Participation in administrative disciplinary procedures, including those occurring during inspections by the Federal  Departments of Complementary Social Security Plans or Social Security Procedures, to prepare and follow up on the exchange of information, defenses, appeals, worksheets and oral arguments before the trial courts at the different instances;
  • Advice to withdraw sponsorship procedures and to reorganize closed private pension plans;
  • Preventive advice on the fiduciary duties of private social security entity managers;
  • Legal advice concerning specific investment rules, investment operations and liability management.


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